Chapter 2: How much is it?

Peace be upon you…

Saturday, 22nd Nov, remarks my last paper for this semester’s final exams episode. But then, I dont feel like saying, “Hooray!! It’s finished now…!!”, instead a thought came across and I said to myself…”Well, let’s have a look… what did you learn this semester, Muhammad? You know, things that you could recall at times you need them, things you can really apply. Hmm…”



The long hours spend to study must worth something more than just a written texts on sheets of paper to be checked by someone else and obtain certain letters and numbers. They must worth more than that…the values that it carries which everyone should get. 



Often enough people having trouble to recall things that have been learnt before despite of the letters and numbers they obtained which are percieved as good/excellent. Feeling too satisfied with exams achievements could indirectly indulge a person to become very obsessed with the achievements hence seeing themselves above others. As a matter of fact, in reality, those achievements could worth nothing more than a piece of paper if the real values it should carries are not exist in the person who carries it. It is of no doubt having misunderstood this has led astray many people in order to grab this attractive illusions. I believe plenty stories has reached us concerning how people willing to become very manipulative when it comes to prove themselves as good achievers, i.e. they cheat. 



Indeed, my personal opinion believes that the real value we can share together via exams is that it is one of the way for us to understand our own potentials and talents better each time we go through them. That’s why we are taking different subjects and some of them are the extension of the other. It is a process where as we go further, we will discover more and more about ourselves and most importantly utilizing the talents and potentials we have found to a good use and for good purposes. That’s how we could see more surprises, excitements and experiences God has created for us and becoming among those who are thankful and submissive to Him. 





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