Chapter 3: Chain

Peace be upon you…





Apabila kita hidup hanya utk kita, hidupnya amatlah singkat.Bermula dr bermulanya kita dan berakhir dengan berakhirnya umur kita yang terbatas. Tetapi jika kita hidup kerana selain daripada kita, hidup kerana fikrah, sesungguhnya hidupnya panjang dan mendalam.Bermula drpd bermulanya kita dan berakhir dengan luputnya manusia di bumi ini. Jika kita merasa kita yang memulakan perjuangan ini, kita akan sempit dada menghadapi kematian ( kerana perjuangan belum mencapai matlamat). Ingatlah..bukan kita yang memulakan dan bukan kita yang mengakhirinya. Ia dimulakan oleh para nabi sehinggalah ke akhir zaman. Kita adalah mata rantai dari satu perjuangan yang panjang.” AS SYAHID S. QUTB

Translated in English as,

Life seems very short when we think life is for ourselves alone. It starts only when we were born and ends when we die. However, if we live for a fikrah (idea, way of thinking), life will last forever. It starts when we live and lasts to the final living person on this earth. If we think we are the pioneer of this strive, we will never be fulfilled (for not achieving the goal). But always remember, this strive that we are talking about is not the one we have started neither we will end it, but it was started by the Messengers of Allah and will last until the Last Day. We are only one of  the loop in a very long chain of this strive.” ASY SYAHID SYED QUTB


Personally, this saying really touched my heart once I read it the first time. Somehow it gives a better understanding on what life should be. Life would be meaningless if there is nothing we could strive for. But we might ask ourselves, what kind of things I should be striving for? Well, I believe many of us shall give different answers on this such fundamental question we often enough neglect. However, is it the truth we are looking for? i.e. is it correct? Since we can’t afford to make mistakes because it will cost our eternal life later on, in Hellfire or the Heaven. 

From the saying above, what I could deduce is that the strive we should go for as those who fully submit to Allah, the Lord of the Universe (as Muslims) is to continue the strive that have been left by the Messengers of Allah for us to continue. As we all know, they are those who were promised a place in Heaven by Allah SWT. Thus, if we are one of the “loop” in the chain of strivation left by these Messengers of Allah, then we shall be among them in the Hereafter, insyaAllah (if Allah wills). 


long chain
long chain

But then, there will be more questions shall arise; what is it meant by the strive these Messengers have left us to? Where is it leading to? How do we know we are in the path these Messengers have gone through? Well…I believe we shall find out together…

Keep thinking…it shall lead you to the truth as long as we open our mind to accept it. 

Say (O Muhammad): “I do admonish you on one point: that ye do stand up before Allah,- (It may be) in pairs, or (it may be) singly,- and reflect (within yourselves): your Companion is not possessed: he is no less than a warner to you, in face of a terrible Penalty.” (Surah Saba’ 34:46)



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