Chapter 11: Your heart is saying…?


Dear readers,


Day 12 of Israeli bombardments on Gaza has recorded casualties for more than 600 persons killed; around 100 of them are children and left more than 3000 persons wounded. Despite of the world protests, Israel still continuing its attacks on Gaza and have no intention to stop (according to Israel’s Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak). Why would they? They take no consideration at all on the UN’s resolution and the orders to ceasefire. Ground troops are penetrating further into the strangled land of Gaza due to the closure of Rafah crossing at the Egyptian-Gaza border from any entrance by the world’s humanitarian aid supports.


As a result, hospitals and shelter areas where most of Palestinians, who have lost their houses destroyed by Israeli rockets and bombs, taking refuge now are becoming low in basic supplies. This appalling situation is too ironic since the best medical facilities are less than 100 kilometres away in Egypt and Israel itself. If Israel really concern about the people they are attacking, they would not even have the guts to stop any humanitarian support aids from all over the world to reach the civilians in Gaza. In addition, they could have done more by allowing the civilians to take refuge in their own European standard medical facilities. But it is such an obvious evidence that accounts how much they really concern about the people in Gaza they have occupied. The people are paying for their choice in electing HAMAS for their savior against the cruelties of Israel for all these years since the occupation in 1948. Despite of HAMAS’s willingness to cooperate peacefully at their early start of representing Gaza in the parliament, Gaza has been imprisoned since January 2006 where Israel has closed Gaza’s main supply route from outside world which is through the Rafah crossing and the Mediterranean sea. Since then, Gaza’s economy has been totally paralyzed and left more than half of its people unemployed. Basic supplies such as fuel, food, medicine, machines, etc. have been blocked until Gaza experience no electricity due to insufficient fuel to run its power plant at the northern part of Gaza.


Imagine since then, Palestinians in Gaza have to live without proper amenities in place including electricity and heating during cold nights and winters. HAMAS who have taken in charge of the government, have to work and continue their responsibilities without enough papers and inks as well as limited power to keep the necessary machines running.


Just to remind you that HAMAS was elected by the people and they have been given the trust to be in the parliament as a result of the Palestine’s National Election in January 2006 which was rated as the cleanest election ever held in the Middle East. What happened at that time was Israel refuse to negotiate with HAMAS, despite of HAMAS legal victory during the election, due to HAMAS’s stand for not recognizing the occupation of Israel over the Palestinian land. Despite of that stand, HAMAS’s uses all peaceful means in order to clarify the reality in Gaza and working to get both internal support from FATAH and other Palestinian political sects and international supports to improve Gaza’s conditions on all aspects. At the same time, HAMAS did commit on many negotiations it has made with Israel including negotiations to release Palestinians who are until now being locked in Israel’s jails as well as negotiations on asking Israel not to block Gaza’s main supply route from Egypt which is the Rafah crossing. Nevertheless, those negotiations were breached couple of times by Israel through provocations and sneak attacks using Apaches and Markava tanks targeting HAMAS’s officials. Briefly, those are what actually happened during those years before the War on Gaza started.


However, the different picture is given to us by the mainstream media right now. One main point that is commonly stressed to the world’s viewers is that HAMAS is to be blamed for the Israel’s action to attack Gaza. This is because HAMAS has launched rockets to nearby Israel’s city and killed until now 11 persons and wounded few others. How ridiculous is that? I leave it to you to think about it…

Don’t always trust what you see and hear…find and embrace the truth…follow the voice of your conscience…It is not the eyes that is blind, but it is the heart.


Committed to the truth,



2 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Your heart is saying…?

    • Salam,

      Yup, all of us would feel the same…might ask ourselves “what more can I do for them?” (^_^) then follow what your deep inner voice say…


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