Chapter 12: The Aftermath

Statistics: Gaza economic losses estimated at 1.9 billion dollars

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Dr. Loai Shabana, the head of the Palestinian central bureau of statistics, said Monday that the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip caused an economic damage estimated at more than one billion and nine hundred million dollars.

In a report, Dr. Shabana underlined that the number of buildings and facilities according to the census conducted by the bureau in 2007 were 147,437 and the preliminary estimates indicated that the three-week Israeli aggression led to the complete and partial destruction of 14% of this infrastructure.

The Palestinian official affirmed that Gaza has become a disaster area as a result of the Israeli aggression which devastated all walks of life there and resulted in the death of more than 1,305 Palestinians and the injury of 5,400 others.

The official noted that there are about 5,400 Palestinian injuries in need of rehabilitation and general aid other than thousands of Palestinian citizens who were rendered homeless or lost their breadwinners, adding that the financial compensations needed for rehabilitating the affected Palestinians are estimated at 31.5 million dollars per year.



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