Chapter 50: Simply Cute

Simply cute isn’t it? Just reminded me of the cats in me grandma’s house…look exactly just like this…

The colour, the lovely greyish fur, the pinky wet nose, the big, shiny eyes, the cuddly toes and of course the face that melts your heart away…

Perhaps it’s the most patted mammals in the planet and I am one of those who contributes to the record.

Do you feel the urge to pat it? To hold it? Or to hug it even?

If you can’t, just imagine your own cats at home…(^_^)

The feel to carry it around, to play with it and even doing something next to it? (reading, sleeping, etc.)

It’s the feeling of simply wanna be close to it and never to let it go, although it may scratch for struggling to run away from you thinking of never to come back again, except for food.

Sorry for those who hate cats. I love cats too much…perhaps its the inheritance thingy…

But of course, you might miss one of the wonders of this world…

Well, it is cute, it is just simply adorable, yet it always reminded me of the one who created it…

How often have I forgotten…to continue striving what I want to be…a good servant of Him. A relentless fighter of His Deen…An obedience of no limits to all His commands…A stream of tears begging for His forgiveness…A monk in the Night and a knight in the Day (رهبان في الليل وفرسان في النهار)…

Reminded me how forgetful I am to…

Allah the Almighty who is also known by its name of Al-Mushawwir, المصور, The Fashioner,

A complementary to His name of Al-Khaaliq, الخالق, The Creator of All Things.

Remembered the feeling of being close with the cute cat in the picture just now?

The same feeling we should try to continue with the Lord of The Universe, Allah ‘Azza Wa Jal…

Say: “Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds

(Quran 6:162)





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