Chapter 74: Forgotten

“Such as took their religion to be mere amusement and play, and were deceived by the life of the world.” That day shall We forget them as they forgot the meeting of this day of theirs, and as they were wont to reject Our signs.”

(Quran Al A’raaf 7:51)

Listening and pondering upon this verse of Quran alone is enough to left a heart shaken. A heart too indulged in the life of this world, leaving no time for Allah. Most of the time forgot Allah and the Day of Judgement where all deeds, good and bad shall be judged and recompense accordingly. Rewarded for good, punished for bad.

O Allah…gives us a heart that remembers you always. A heart fear of You, always hoping for your blessings and seeking Your pleasure alone…

O Allah, let us not forget you as we will be forgotten by You for no one can we turn to except to You…

Help us to be your obedient servant in this Dunya, and those who gain your pleasure in the Akhirah…






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