Chapter 85: Israeli raid on LL4G Freedom Flotilla: An Analysis

Assalamualaikum, peace be upon you all,

Dear brothers and sisters,

All praise be to Allah The Lord of the Universe, peace and blessings be upon the Last Messenger of Allah, Muhammad peace be upon him (pbuh), to his family, his companions and those who follow him until the Day of Judgement.

Mainstream media has released substantial footages and justifications that justify mostly inclined towards addressing the actions of the raid made by Israeli armed forces against the freedom activists of the Lifeline 4 Gaza Freedom Flotilla with a considerably absurd justifications of self defense. An example of this would be a statement made by The Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak who says

The passengers on the Marmara beat our soldiers with every object they had and wounded some of them, the soldiers defended themselves.”

This is proven by releasing the footage below,

First thing we must have in mind is to always upholding to the basic understanding of why the convoy was made in the first place. All necessary precautionary steps were taken to ensure the convoy as a peaceful efforts made by the peace activists around the globe intending to put an end to the Israeli siege against the Palestinian people of Gaza. No high velocity weapons nor sharp objects were brought on board which was initially checked thoroughly and strictly by the Turkish government as approved by Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He confirms that the flotilla was carefully inspected before departure:

“I want to say to the world, to the heads of state and the governments, that these boats that left from Turkey and other countries were checked in a strict way under the framework of the rules of international navigation and were only loaded with humanitarian aid.”

This has been further confirmed from a news video released by Al Jazeera before the raid happened,

The convoy has also been carefully coordinated so as to ensure it fulfills the UN Resolution 1860 released by the UN Security Council in 2009 which states that:

a) Appeal for deliverance of humanitarian aid to Gaza including food, fuel and medical assistance.

b) Urge efforts to ease passage and other mechanisms for the unimpeded deliverance of aids.

c) Call for all nations to support such efforts at the international level to alleviate the dire humanitarian and economic situation in Gaza

d) condemns acts of agression and attacks on civilians and all forms of acts of terrorism.

Thus, the peace convoy efforts made by more than 600 peace activists from all over the globe, more than 50 countries, by no means intending to possess any military threats to the Israeli’s Zionist Regime who are responsible for occupying Palestine whom also responsible for the unacceptable conditions faced by the people of Gaza.

The earlier footage released by the Israeli Armed Forces showing the Israeli commandos were attacked by the activists, which was used to justify the fierce Israeli raids against the freedom activists, can be critically and rationally understood as an acts of self defense responded towards the Israeli’s raid intending to take over the ship by military force and redirect the ships to Ashdod (and Haifa) for further military actions imposed onto them including imprisonment in well known, breaching human rights Israeli prisons. The risk in which the activists are fully aware of.

The self defense action made by the activists could easily be understood as a physical respond towards the unwelcomed Israeli commandos after made it clear to the Israeli forces on their peaceful intention to send the aids to Gaza in peace and intended not for any aggressions nor experiencing aggressions from the Israeli forces, by showing white flags just before Israel decided to raid the ships as reported by one of the Al Jazeera’s news correspondent moments before the Israeli raid. Just ask yourself, who was armed on the ships? Who came with high velocity weapons to start an attack? The Israeli commandos or the peace activists?

Thus, for whatever justifications made in the side of Israel are merely to justify their unacceptable aggressions towards the peace activists who their intentions are good and purely out of their desperate measure of breaking the siege after virtually no actions made by the leaders of the world despite of the ever depressing conditions experienced by the people of Gaza. Simply no trusts shall be made to whatever justifications made to justify Israeli aggressions for the statements are mere deceptions and lies.

We appreciate the talks and condemns made by most of the world leaders, but those are mere words which makes no difference to the condition of Gazans. The convoy is a real step which will make all the difference we wanted, what the world community wants. Do remember, all communications were blocked or perhaps being put into no use in which latest real updates from the media correspondents on board are unable to be made. Some were even reported missing. From the time of Israeli raid until now, the sources of media are obtained from whatever released by the Israeli media, including the numbers who dead an injured, hence the discrepancies we have in numbers reported among the mainstream media.

Hope with what happened now becomes an eye opener to who our real global enemy is and perhaps we can put it who is the cancerous agents in the world society whom understands no peace nor adherence to rules and peaceful measures. Thus, no other way to deal with them except with firm actions taken unto them, up until the point of military actions in an attempt to neutralize the aggressions and global instability.

Together we shall pray for the safety of the activists under the imprisonment and captivity of the Israeli forces. We also pray and show our utmost respect to the activists who have pay this effort with their lives for indeed we shall pray they are among those whom Allah grants syahid.

May this effort will become a spring board for us to make difference in the life of Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza by sending more aids and ships until the siege is broken. If this one has failed, we shall create another bigger wave full of aids to give the light of hope and put an end to the sufferings of Gazans for aids they direly need.

For now, spread the word and keep praying…May Allah bless our efforts and counts them as good deeds contributing to this jihad against injustice and to restore peace.



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