Chapter 96: World Cup Fever…kind of…

That's a good example of football attire that fulfill Islamic dress code
This fulfills Islamic dress code! (Pic: Algerian goalie)

Islam and Football is never apart.

Islam is a way of life. Football is small part of that way of life, contributing to physical fitness and other metabolic/physiologic goodness for human body.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see all football players of Muslim countries (at least) wearing proper football kits that covers the body parts Islam guides us to cover? Imagine…

Once you imagine, if you are good in drawing (which I am lousy in), perhaps start designing one, get it produced and I will buy one!

Imagine, if all the footballers wear proper hijab football kits in the World Cup! Wow…I’ll watch all the games!

That would be a good dakwah efforts too!

Better still, imagine how proud us Muslims will become to see the Islamic hijab being practiced by many…


Rainy Tronoh,

10.13pm, 13 Jun 2010


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