Chapter 102: Snapshot of life


Rough experiences taught you a lot about life. Experiencing near death moments, tells plenty of what is inside you. The real you of who you are. What is inside your heart really. What you believe in. The absolute reliance you put your life of purpose for.

It’s kinda simple, imagine, just few miliseconds before the impact, what was the word that spitted out of your mouth?

Then, in a blink of an eye, you can no longer see the front because the hood is no longer straight while bearing knife like pain on your neck, added by a bit of worry of what the person in front might spit out to you.

Countless thankful to the Almighty for sparing a life for another day. A glimpse of hope that there will be another moments left to live for the day until the moment eyes are closed and not sure will it be open again to see the sun rise. Countless istighfars for the time has been passed away while the heart slipped afar from remembering Him, the Almighty, beholder of all Hearts.

For sure, life will be full of it which may lead us to ask ourselves what are these for? Well, thank Allah for Islam and choosing us to be Muslims, 3 things could at least be learned from and good reasons to feel the sense of being answered for.

1) Kifaarah

Kifaarah, or payback. Not revenge sort of thing, rather a way to cleanse ourselves from sins known or unknown. Trust me, we are not perfect and Allah knows that too well, thus being cleansed from sins is what we need to see Him and end up happy in this Dunya and Hereafter, insyaAllah.

2) Muraqabatullah

Read as being closer to Allah. The experiences could also be a way for Allah to draw us nearer to Him for indeed His love for us is too immense and letting us go through them would increase our love to Him and His love to us. Reminding us too on what we have left what we used to do often, read Quran every morning perhaps, or Tahajjud at night? Well, it is for us to find out ourselves by muhasabah (spiritually evaluate ourselves to improve).

3) Increase Iman

Any which way, both of 1 and 2 would indeed increase our Iman as long as to Him is the only we turn to, truly seeking His help and support to undergo such bumpy hurdles. Whatever happens is His will for our own good, because He loves and cares for us. Easy, think like why your mum/dad would throw you in the swimming pool while you can’t swim? You would cry to them so hard, while panicking for not being able to reach the floor.

In the end, you realized they are teaching you how to swim and you end up learning something that could save your life one day! So, think positive whatever happens for they are the good and best gift from Allah to make you among the learned and his beloved insyaAllah.

No word to conclude since am not intended to finish…but for now…until the next post…if Allah wills



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