Chapter 103: Thought so…

The development of mobile technology and video sites in the world allows its users to upload video clips to thousands of internet every day. This development was given special attention from U.S. intelligence agencies.State intelligence agencies are now Uncle Sam is trying to monitor what they call “open source intelligence”, the information submitted by the public openly, or disguised in television, radio, video footage was uploaded to the Internet, articles in newspapers or writings on personal blogs.

To monitor the “source of intelligence information” that U.S. Intelligence agencies formed the Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), and it was rolling the Aladdin project (Automated Low-Level Analysis and Description of Diverse Intelligence Video) to observe and analyze the video clips uploaded to the virtual world, which can be used as intelligence information deemed essential.

In the U.S. intelligence community is already doing similar activities since 2008, conducted by the Office of Director of National Intelligence’s Open Source Center. Chairman’s office has said that YouTube – sites where users can upload a variety of video recordings – to provide some unique information, open and honest which is very beneficial to the interests of intelligence work.

The CIA also took Google to support the company’s “Recorded Future” to monitor Internet sites from seconds to seconds and using the information that they get to make forecasts of what will happen. From Internet sites and social networking sites, they also memdokumentasikan people who are considered useful and can be used by U.S. intelligence agents.

“Recorded Futures” in charge of collecting tens of thousands of data and information extracted from web sites, blogs and Twitter accounts to get information about the relationship between users and owners of the site or social networking account, with organizations, actions and events particular, whether that is happening or might happen. The company claims to have a search engine can uncover analytical “relationships” invisible related documents that talk about the events and entities of the same or interconnected.

For example, there is an event that invites conversation in cyberspace about who is involved and where the event occurred. “Recorded Future” anyone capable of digging up information on the internet people involved in that conversation.

“The powerful of this project, in many cases, you can predict the trend that will happen,” Christopher Ahlberg, CEO says the company. Ahlberg is a former Swedish soldier who also has a Ph.D. in computer science.

Responding to this phenomenon, experts say that the CIA’s investment in the company as an indication that the intelligence agencies are now trying to exploit emerging technologies to help the working intelligence.

Not once, Google formed joint venture with intelihen agencies in the U.S.. In 2004, Google company Keyhole, a mapping company backed by the company In-Q-Tel.Through In-Q-Tel, U.S. intelligence agencies to invest some companies that help bdan intelligence agencies were better in gathering information. Keyhole, Google Earth is now widely used by military intelligence units.

Google has yet to officially announce its cooperation with the CIA, but the search engine company had drawn criticism from many circles because of its proximity to the U.S. government. Everyone knows that Google is storing the abundant information about all aspects of human life in cyberspace. So far, Google’s users trust it on search engines, especially with the promise that Google is misusing the information its users.

But the fact that Google has formed joint venture with the U.S. intelligence community to make that belief to wear.Ryan Calo, from the Center for Internet and Society Study at Stanford Law School expressed concern about Google’s closeness with the U.S. intelligence agencies. “New information will be used to prosecute terrorist suspects. Is Google enough qualified to provide accurate information about who is really a terrorist?” he said. (Ln / arabnews)



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